Adult Contemporary Dance Group


Susan teaches an adult contemporary dance group who work with her on meaningful contemporary dance projects, such as the film Mad World. This adult group accepts new members once each year, in September. If you are an adult dancer with at least 3-4 years dance experience, please reach out via email to join our collaborative troupe.

Many students in this group have been dancing together for over 18 years. We also have new dancers each year who are keen to join. Susan begins each class with a warmup that is set and repeats each week. We may work on some “across the floor” exercises that have been modified for those dancers at home who may be taking class on Zoom. Afterward we begin working on choreography.

Due to Covid-19, this class may be held on Zoom, or possibly in-person. Because of the changing guidelines, please reach out to Susan for information on her adult classes. Please email us for more information.

*Fees subject to change.

In the Spring session each year, we learn a second, less intense piece of choreography. The year passes quickly with focus on creating unique contemporary dance pieces that are a way of storytelling.

If you are new to Susan’s classes, please feel free to reach out with questions. Because our group is very dedicated and we work as a collaboration, we intake new students only in September of each year. You are welcome to try one class to see if this is a class that works for you. Please email us for more details.

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